Small Works

Forestside Construction offer a wide range of smaller services. With over 40 years experience you can rest assured you are in safe hands.


Forestside Construction offer a complete range of conservatory designs, in different styles and using different high-quality materials. We supply and install all of the most popular conservatory designs, including Victorian, Edwardian, Lean To and P-shaped conservatories, as well as more modern conservatories.

We can also build custom designed conservatories, giving you more control over the appearance and construction of your conservatory. You can customise the conservatory roof, windows and doors, as well as installing conservatory heating or fans. We can design a custom conservatory to suit the particular shape or size of your site.

Garage Conversions

Increasingly, we are receiving enquiries from customers looking for garage conversions. Garages nowadays have either become a room for junk or it has become just too much hassle putting the car in the garage. Around 90% of British garages don’t contain a car!

A garage conversion can be the perfect way to increase your living space at a lower cost than a single storey extension and will not usually require planning permission.


Balconies furnish a property with a sophisticated outside area to provide additional entertainment space, as well as enhancing the visual aspect of a property, at the fraction of cost of an extension, which is not always suitable due to ground restrictions. We will design and install a wide range of traditional or contemporary balconies to order, from the subtle to dramatic, encompassing a diverse mix of materials, including wood, glass and stainless steel.

We can also construct Porches, Log Stores and Summerhouses. We can provide everything you need to complete your building job to the highest standards